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New Company Catalogues

The full Orbit® and Analogue
are here. PDF,
interactive or physical

DUSM (Miniatutre Single Leaf Flexure)
2016 August

Minature, robust new variant of
Flexure based contact probes.

Orbit® Confocal Released

We are proud to announce our
most precise product to date, the
Orbit® Confocal!

New interfaces!
2014 - 2015

Solartron Metrology introduces
MODIM (Modbus Interface),
WIM (Wireless Interface).

Strain Gauge Introduction
2014 - 2015

Solartron Metrology introduces
SGIM (Strain Gauge)

Orbit® ACS SI400 released
Sept/Oct 2013

Solartron Metrology releases a
Four Channel system for easy
connections into PLC or Automation

WiGauge™ Gen 2 is here
Sept 2013

Solartron Metrology introduces its
next generation of the WiGauge™,
Gen 2.