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New Software Drivers and commands for Linux operating systems

mercoledì, febbraio 22, 2023

The Solartron Digital Orbit® Network has increased its versatility with new Software Drivers and commands  for Linux operating systems.  With the free downloadable drivers, users will have a full library of C++ commands for the Linux platform. 

Communicates with a wide range of Orbit measurement modules via Orbit® USB, Ethernet and RS232 input modes. Includes an example Qt application (source included) and a registration program to configure communication with RS232 and ETHIM controllers. Command line utilities provided for Orbit® Read, ReadBurst, Difference Mode and Dynamic Mode communications. Distributed as a Debian (.deb) software package for quick and simple installation on a wide range of Debian derived Linux distributions. Also released as a compressed tar archive for installation on other Linux distributions

  • Free, downloadable drivers.  
  • Operate all Orbit modes including Dynamic 
  • Programming example available