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LVDT Sensor | Gauge Probe | Solartron LVDT

LVDT Gauge Probe | Compatible Specifications

• Range of LVDT and Half Bridge gauge probes compatible with industry standard specifications
• Excitation Frequency options from 2.5 kHz to 20 kHz  
• Excitation Voltage from 2 to 5 V rms  
• Gauge Probe sensitivity from 73mV/V/mm to 230 mV/V/mm

Solartron Metrology can provide contact gauging probes in LVDT and half bridge configurations that are fully compatible with common industrial standards. As gauging probes evolved a number of excitation frequency, amplitude and sensitivity combinations have become 'standards' these are commonly know by the name of the original probe manufacturer as shown in the table below.

Compatible Specifications

Solartron can supply fully compatible gauge probes in either LVDT or half bridge configuration for all of the industry standards above but also many other configurations. Please contact our Sales Office for additional information.

For more information about Solartron Metrology inductive sensors and what is LVDT - see LVDT Half Bridge and Digital Transducer Theory